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            British style sample room design
            項目名稱: 英倫苑
            項目面積: 80平方米
            空間性質: 樣板間
            設計小組: A組
            坐落位置: 河南鄭州
            主要建材: 玻璃鏡面 鏡面馬賽克 烤漆 皮革
            設計時間: 2017



            Developers will be a single layer of 9 households as a model, and to Blanc model design company to play. Because of the space is small and medium-sized residential apartment layout, mostly small family customer groups, considering the age and customer preferences, will set the tone for the new classical style space, the color and material stack a beautiful atmosphere, without the original large area, 80 level can have a sense of luxury, but also has the space amplification effect.
            The use of different colors of different materials, so that rice gray to diffuse in all directions, a large number of reflective materials to increase the degree of gorgeous, while producing space amplification effect. Since the entrance into the room, restaurant a whole Chajing greets viewers with different angles, reflects the rich visual changes, a way to guide the gaze toward the living room, sofa wall and board will Chajing do mix, gold and other lamps collocation, metallic furnishings and furniture, stack space level, let the stereoscopic ran in front. Especially open the kitchen pattern, add light food bar area, forming kitchen and one configuration design, light and sight extension without hindrance, the sense of space immediately emerges.
            標簽: 樣板間設計方案新古典樣板間設計鄭州樣板間設計公司
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